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Ken Garcia

The Sound That "Sells".
A graduate of the Missouri Auction School insures professionalism and esteem in his sales endeavors. With over 20 years in the financial industry he has bought and sold a vast amount of various and sundry equipment. His investment recovery includes: Dental Clinics, Machine Shops, Video and Convenience Stores, Restaurants, Exotic Vehicles, Heavy Equipment, Physical Fitness Equipment, Precious Metals & Stones, and Flooring, Printing, Mud Logging and Vending Companies, and much, much more.

Ken Garcia: Auctioneer
TX # 8452
  Storage Auctions are unique.

When the Numbers have to be Right !

Bobbie Sue: Licensed in Auctions, a seasoned entertainer and single mother of two. She can set up a sale, work the ring, collect the money or bid call the sale. She is the comptroller of sales and no one can put anything past her. She gets it right the first time.

What a Qualified Auction Company Can Do For You
Using proper marketing strategies and a mailing list of people who buy equipment and merchandise, the auction company will sell everything you have on auction day.Cash flow is immediate and everything sells.

Barbara Emerson"Bobbie Sue" Revak Auctioneer: TX. #11986

Your Complete Auction Service Company.